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Kevin Casey


Kevin is an award-winning radio personality, successful voice overtalent

Kevin  Began His Radio Career at a very young age playing gospel tapes on Sunday mornings at a radio station in nowhere Illinois. He later went on to work in Florida, Southern California, Chicago, and St.Louis. Has been a fixture on 100.7 KGMO for as long as anyone can remember. The man of a 1,000 stories (only a few of which is suitable to print here.) Kevin Has Been Link To The World Famous Green Cadillac Road Trip to Memphis Tennessee With Radio Personality Chip Nelson From The Rocket In Mobile Alabama. But Never Talks About it.. It was Lowenbrau Induced…. We’re not quite sure what he does during his free time, because when asked, he just kind of looks at you with a grin and shakes his head. But he has been spotted working out at the gym…

Unpredictable, lots of interviews and live guests,  often educational, always entertaining and filled with great Classic Rock.

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